• Thicker Membrane

  • Increased Handleability

  • Bidirectional

  • 3 Year Shelf Life


What Doctors are Saying...

  • Dr. Josh Davidson

    Williamson Eye Center

    "The EyeDisc Amniotic Membrane Allografts are easy to use, absorb very well, and are an overall high-quality product that promotes healing and re-epithelialization... I like using them."

  • Dr. Michael Lange

    Lange Eye Institute

    "The EyeDisc is much easier to handle than other membranes I have used in the past. The EyeDisc has more integrity and is much easier to apply. The paitent outcomes have been excellent."

  • Frank W. Bowden, III

    Bowden Eye & Associates

    " I have used many dehydrated amniotic membranes and have found EyeDisc to handle exquisitely during insertion with absolutely no discomfort for the patient. After three to five days, the discs have been stable under the bandage lenses with quiet eyes. In addition, the value and ease of ordering has now made EyeDisc our dehydrated amniotic membrane of choice."

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